We believe in the right of the people of the UK to govern ourselves, rather than be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels (and, increasingly, in London and even your local town hall).

We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in real need, takes as little of our money as possible and doesn’t interfere in our lives.

We believe in democracy devolved to the people, through national and local referendums on key issues, so that laws are made by the people’s will, not the fads of the political class.

We believe that the government of Britain should be for the people, by the people – all the people, regardless or their creed or colour – of Britain.

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UKIP National Manifesto 2015

The full UKIP 2015 Manifesto can be downloaded from here. It's a great read!
UKIP Manifesto 2015 Cover