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Report By Former UKIP Pcc Candidate Henry Bolton OBE On Hmic Crime Data Integrity Report

15 June 2017



(Issued at 15:45 on Thursday 15th June 2017)


Today Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary’s today published its Crime Data Integrity Report. The Report has found that Kent Police failed to record 24,300 crimes and HMIC has rated Kent Police as “Inadequate”.

Henry Bolton OBE, who represented UKIP in the May 2016 PCC elections, said:

“The Police & Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, commenced his campaign for election as PCC on a promise of not increasing the Policing Precept. He has now increased it by 3.3%. Yet he has failed to bring crime down. In fact crime, particularly violent and public order criminality, has increased significantly on his watch. In the ten months between Matthew Scott taking up office as Kent Police & Crime Commissioner and March this year (the latest available figures):

Violent crime is up 18.59% on the 12 months preceding his election

Weapons crime is up 25.14% on the 12 months preceding his election

Public Order crime is up 51.10% on the 12 months preceding his election

And these figures are for only ten months and will go up as the figures for April and May come in.

Now we have the Inspector’s report which estimates that 24,300 crimes have been committed but not recorded by Kent Police. If these figures are included, violent crime is up a staggering 46.48%.

The Inspector’s report notes that Kent's crime recording performance has "slipped significantly” and that the force has "taken its eye off the ball as a result of poor supervision". It has assessed the Force’s crime recording as “inadequate”, “unacceptable” and leading to “false-positive” results.

This situation is clearly unacceptable. The people of Kent are paying more for their police, but crime is going through the roof and our force has been rated as “inadequate” by Her Majesty’s Inspector. This has all occurred on Mr Scott’s watch as Police & Crime Commissioner responsible for the entirety of policing. He must carry the responsibility for letting the public down in this way.”


Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary’s today published its Crime Data Integrity Report ( which has found that Kent Police failed to record 24,300 crimes and which has rated Kent Police as “Inadequate” and concluded:

“Kent Police’s crime-recording arrangements are unacceptable. The force has been unable to maintain the compliance levels reported in our 2014 report. This is as a result of the failure of systems that are designed to support effective crime-recording, poor supervision of crime-recording decisions and a lack of effective audit.”


Crime figures from April 2017 to date are not yet available, however if the total recorded crime rate in Kent in the ten months since Mr Scott took office as PCC up to March 2017 are compared to those for the entire preceding 12 months the following results increases are found:

  • Robbery                       -           up 5.51%
  • Vehicle crime              -           up 1.38%
  • Violent crime              -           up 18.59% (This does not include the additional 10,600 violent crimes that HMIC estimate were not recorded)
  • Bicycle crime              -           up 11.03%
  • Weapons crime          -           up 25.14%
  • Public Order                -           up 51.10%
  • Other                             -           up 43.21%

These figures will increase further once the crime figures are in for April and May and they do not include the 23,400 crimes (10,600 of which were violent) that HMIC estimate had been committed but recorded.

Only 5 out of 18 vulnerable victim crimes were recorded.


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