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Love Europe, Leave The Eu

11 October 2015    In 1975, the British public voted ‘yes’ to a free trade deal with Europe. What they didn't vote for was a 'United States of Europe'; one that would go on to crush our democracy, and in the process create a class of politicians clearly in it for themselves. We now pay a staggering membership fee of £15 billion each year to the EU. In return, we run a massive trade deficit with .....continue reading

A Global Britain:the Recommended “brexit” Option

11 October 2015    Global Britain, the think tank that has advocated leaving the European Union for over twenty years and produced over 100 briefing papers building this case, announces its recommended OUT option on Brexit – the Global Britain Free Trade Option. Global Britain has explored four trading options for the UK on leaving the EU and concludes that whilst they are all better than the existing EU st .....continue reading

The Demise Of The Free State: Why British Democracy And The EU Don’t Mix

11 October 2015    This short book has been written because it is tragic to watch my own people, who historically led the way in establishing modern freedom and democracy, absentmindedly give up our powers of self-government. I have tried to describe what we in the UK have lost in the hope that in the referendum on our EU membership, promised by the Coalition for 2017, we will take back our freedom. Many others h .....continue reading

Get Britain Out - The Campaign For Brexit Steams Ahead

05 October 2015   As the Out campaigns and think tanks work together, and public opinion gradually shifts towards voting to Leave the EU, it is important we avoid any complacency and continue to inform the Great British Public of the numerous reasons why we must Get Britain Out of the EU. On Tuesday it became apparent the UK could be forced to hand over an extra £384m to the European Union next year a .....continue reading

Ttip In Folkestone And Hythe - 38 Degrees Need Your Help

05 October 2015    There’s a deal being decided in secret between America and the EU that could threaten our way of life. It’s called TTIP, and it could weaken our laws, threaten the future of our public services and let even more bee-killing chemicals on to our fields. Worst of all, it could give corporations the right to sue the UK if they don’t like our laws. [1] But 38 Degrees members h .....continue reading

Folkestone East Town Council By-Election

05 October 2015   UKIP would like to thank all of the people of East Folkestone for election of Neil Jones to the Town Council in the recent by-election. This was an excellent result, reflecting the democratic feelings of the area's residents and Neil will do his utmost to repay the faith shown in him. Thank you, once again. .....continue reading

UKIP Romney Marsh Division Newsletter 2015

05 October 2015   Thank you for your support during the recent National, County, District and Town/Parish Elections.  You delivered a stunning result for UKIP, increasing our vote in the Folkestone and Hythe Parliamentary election by over 18% whilst the Tory vote was down by nearly 2%. You also gave us 3 of the 7 UKIP District Councillors at Shepway District Council to provide meaningful opposition to t .....continue reading

UKIP Win East Folkestone Town Election - 17 Sept 2015

17 September 2015   East Folkestone Town Council Candidate, Neil Jones Wins, gaining 37% of the Vote! A big congratulations to Neil Jones (UKIP). A BIG Thank You to all our supporters in East Folkestone and to all our members who helped Neil Win!   .....continue reading

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