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Henry Bolton OBE Selected As UKIP Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) Candidate For Kent.

02 December 2015   Latest Press release for UKIP Kent candidate Henry Bolton for Police & Crimes Commissioner can be found here Release Summary: UKIP is pleased to announce the selection of Henry Bolton as its PPC candidate for Kent. The elections will be held on May 5th 2016. As well as being a former army and police officer, Henry is an international authority on police reform. His expertise and the result .....continue reading

How A Secretive Elite Created The EU To Build A World Government

02 December 2015   As the debate over the forthcoming EU referendum gears up, it would be wise perhaps to remember how Britain was led into membership in the first place. It seems to me that most people have little idea why one of the victors of the Second World War should have become almost desperate to join this "club". That's a shame, because answering that question is key to understanding why the EU has gone so .....continue reading

Updated: UK Independence Party - Rules Of Procedure ( Party Rulebook ) 02 Nov 2015

27 November 2015   The UK Independence Party:  Rules of Procedure (Party Rule book) has been updated, with revisions and ammendments upto 02 Nov 2015. The Rule book can be found here: or local copy can be found here.   .....continue reading

UKIP Pcc Candidate, Henry Bolton’s Reaction To The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

27 November 2015   The Chancellor’s announcement that there are to be no additional cuts to the Policing Grant and that a new fund will be made available to support police reforms is great news for public safety in Kent. Kent police have already lost more than 1,200 jobs to cuts, yet the threat from terrorism has grown significantly, deaths and injuries on Kent’s roads have increased markedly, the press .....continue reading

UKIP Chooses Former Army And Police Officer Henry Bolton As Its Crime Commissioner Candidate For Next May

23 November 2015   UKIP is to field an international expert on police reform and security as its candidate in the Kent crime commissioner election in May 2016. Henry Bolton, 52, from Folkestone, a former army and police officer, will stand in next May’s election for the £85,000 a year role currently held by independent Ann Barnes. To read the full story click here To follow\view Henry's news feed on T .....continue reading

Another Rose Shocker For Pro-EU Campaign - Euroguido

31 October 2015   Commuters coming out of Victoria and Waterloo stations today (30 Oct 2015) are being handed free roses. Imagine the horror when chuffed office workers put their free gift down on their desks, only to turn over the label and find out they did pay for it after all. The roses are a European Union stunt as part of the drive to convince us they are all flowery and lovely, paid for out of taxpaye .....continue reading

Love Europe, Leave The Eu

11 October 2015    In 1975, the British public voted ‘yes’ to a free trade deal with Europe. What they didn't vote for was a 'United States of Europe'; one that would go on to crush our democracy, and in the process create a class of politicians clearly in it for themselves. We now pay a staggering membership fee of £15 billion each year to the EU. In return, we run a massive trade deficit with .....continue reading

A Global Britain:the Recommended “brexit” Option

11 October 2015    Global Britain, the think tank that has advocated leaving the European Union for over twenty years and produced over 100 briefing papers building this case, announces its recommended OUT option on Brexit – the Global Britain Free Trade Option. Global Britain has explored four trading options for the UK on leaving the EU and concludes that whilst they are all better than the existing EU st .....continue reading

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