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UKIP Responds To Dave's Dodgy Dossier

02 March 2016   In response to the Government paper on Brexit , UKIP Trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP said: "A Cabinet Office report has examined several arrangements for trading outside the EU and claims that these alternatives would lead to higher tariffs than those faced by the UK as an EU member - and that such tariffs could be passed on to British consumers as higher prices."But the facts are the opposi .....continue reading

Watch London Mayoral Candidate Peter Whittle UKIP Party Political Broadcast - 02 Mar 2016

02 March 2016      To donate to Peter Whittle campaign via UKIP, click here .....continue reading

EU Clamp-Down On E-Cigarettes

02 March 2016   The Times reports that the EU will go ahead to impose punitive taxes on e-cigarettes. But e-cigarettes have been shown to help smokers give up smoking, and they are vastly safer than regular cigarettes. They are a massive boost to public health, and represent a way to cut the misery – and the cost – of smoking-induced disease. But the Commission, consumed by anti-tobacco prejudice, ign .....continue reading

The Immigration Crisis Worsens

02 March 2016   Migrant arrivals so far this year are many times higher than the same period last year.  A story in The Guardian warns that the EU's response is wholly inadequate: "Failure to tackle the refugee crisis risks disaster". NATO Commander: "Putin is weaponising refugees to destabilise Europe". Philip Breedlove, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, fears that Russia is deliberately usin .....continue reading

Brussels Meddling Ruined Our Kent Business - £2m Fury As EU Officials Ignore Their Own Regulation

02 March 2016   A £2m British recycling furnace based in Kent and installed to strict Brussels regulations has been written off because a Dutch rival ignored EU directives. The plant was built to dispose of old-fashioned TV cathode ray tubes. Opened just two years go by Tory minister Michael Fallon, it was even backed by the Environment Agency because it adhered to the standards set out by Brussels on dis .....continue reading

Euro Conflict Between EU Elite And National Democracies It Is Extraordinarily Dangerous

02 March 2016   He is the polar opposite of Boris, the political figure that no one wants in their camp. Every time this man opens his mouth the Brexit camp rejoices. I refer of course to Lord Mandelson. The chances of him keeping quiet were zero and yesterday he did the Leave campaign a real favour by weighing into the debate. According to Lord Mandelson, leaving the EU is “fantasy politics”. And th .....continue reading

Cameron Declares War On The Grassroots Of The Conservative Party Associations

02 March 2016    He's already told his MPs to ignore their constituency associations, as seen with our local MP, Damian Collins sprinting to join the Tories Remain campaign, while clearly ignoring his electorate views. To Cameron, Conservative associations are the "backwoodsmen". They're red-faced Colonel Blimps with old-fashioned attitudes that would never do in St John's Wood.  To others, they're the bac .....continue reading

Cllr Susie Govett Chats With Lembit Opik On Radio Kent

29 February 2016


UKIP Councillor Susie Govett chats with Lembit Opik, live on Radio Kent on Sunday 28th Feb 2016

To listen, click here


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