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Hysteria Vs Passion - Mature And Reasonable Debate.

27 April 2015   As your UKIP team pounds the streets of Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh, one thing is becoming apparent.  Support for UKIP is strong locally, we’ve been overwhelmed by how passionately people feel about membership of the EU and how politicians have let them down. On the flip side, there are people who feel equally passionately against UKIP.  We can take that, it’s politic .....continue reading

Women In UKIP - Susie Govett

27 April 2015    UKIP says it Believes in Women. I disagree.  I think UKIP Believes in Talent. Talent to do '10 things at once', talent to listen to people, talent to monitor a political discussion on social media while cooking the dinner, talent to take your granddaughter to the hospital on the same day as the battle bus visit, even though you only found out that the battle bus was coming at 10pm the .....continue reading

Believe In Britain - Make Your Vote Count - Free Desktop Background

26 April 2015   Show your support for UKIP #GE2015, download your free Desktop Background. Click on the image below, then on ther bigger image, right click and select "Set as Background"....   Ensure, that on the 7th May 2015, you make your voice heard! Vote UKIP   .....continue reading

Full House At The Quarterhouse

24 April 2015    Another great hustings orgainsed by Academdy FM with BBC Kent at the Quarthouse Theatre , Folkestone. OP Stack was strong on the agenda, with various suggestions of more local lorry parks, however our Harriet Yeo, your UKIP Parliamentary Candidate had the simplist of answers! Dover bound traffic to be alerted with the instructions to park at the nearest rest area, instead of continuing dow .....continue reading

Kent County Council By-Election 2015 - Romney Marsh Candidate Announced

22 April 2015   We are pleased to announce our candidate Susie Govett for Romney Marsh, Kent County Council on 7th May 2015.  To read more about Susie Govett click here.     .....continue reading

My Blog: This Kipper Is Not For Turning - Another Desperate Tory Story!

21 April 2015   The most amazing thing about this election is that I am learning things about myself that even I didn’t know - no I haven’t had any profound insightful meaning leap into my life rather  I read things about myself in the paper - my birthday has changed and I apparently am a fan of David Essex, hey ho! These lies are bad enough but the lies that are really get me are; UKIP has giv .....continue reading

UKIP Manifesto For Shepway 2015

21 April 2015   UKIP for Shepway UKIP stands for much more than opposition to the European Union. Government at local, national and European level has become too remote. The political class have forgotten they work for us. Bureaucrats and professional politicians have taken over and the people are too often ignored. To read our UKIP Shepway manifesto in full click here   .....continue reading

My Blog: Why Are Kippers Having To Be Covert?

19 April 2015   During a conversation in my constituency office I began using the term ‘covert kippers’ and then I started to wondering why kippers should have to be covert because contrary to the media’s portrayal and the lefts rhetoric, UKIP are not racist or fascist or homophobic or sexist instead they are simply patriots trying to do the best for Britain. Certainly since I have ‘come .....continue reading

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