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Why You Must Back UKIP Wherever You Live, Says Nigel Farage

06 May 2015   Nigel Farage today appeals to readers: "Vote for UKIP wherever you are." In a dramatic eve-of-poll message, the UKIP leader says that every ballot cast for his "People's Army" insurgency in tomorrow's general election is a vote for "change" in Britain's broken political system. He hits out at the Westminster establishment for refusing to address key issues including immigration, .....continue reading

List Of Shepway Polling Stations For Ge 7 May 2015

06 May 2015     The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote there at are as follows: Situation of Polling Station  StationNumber  Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote there at: Folkestone Academy, Academy Lane, Folkestone CT19 5FP  1 BR1-1 to BR1-2742/6  St Georges Church Hall, Audley Road, Folkeston .....continue reading

Ve Day (1945 -2015) 8th May - Make It An Historical Day To Remember!

06 May 2015   Let’s make the VE Day 2015 an additional historical day to remember! Together we can create another political earthquake across British politics and elect as many UKIP MPs on the 7th May 2015 into the House of Commons to ensure we get a proper full, free and fair referendum for a withdrawal from the European Union. Additionally, then on Friday 8 May 2015 is the anniversary of Victory in Eu .....continue reading

UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans - Election Endorsements And Electoral Reform

05 May 2015     UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans is interviewed on the BBC2 Daily Politics Show by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn, debating on election endorsements and electoral reform with Conservative peer Michael Heseltine and Journalist Peter Hitchens. To watch the program on BBC iPlayer click here:   .....continue reading

One Thing Affects Everything

05 May 2015   Today UKIP Party Leader, Nigel Farage published an open letter to the Daily Telegraph readers.   Nigel Farage said: “In just two days’ time you’ll have the opportunity to vote on the makeup of the House of Commons. I use that wording intentionally, because I think most people have by now accepted that neither the Conservatives nor Labour are going to have a majority in parl .....continue reading

Women, Let’s Talk Politics!

05 May 2015   Question: They claim UKIP want to abolish maternity laws and to devalue the role of women in our communities? UKIP believes strongly that its policies are there for everybody, and does not focus on different interest groups, but of course some policies will have disproportionate effects on different groups in society. Our Diane James MEP for the South East, has clearly stated: “We wi .....continue reading

Our UKIP Digital Team Needs Your Support - Join The Online Fight!

03 May 2015   Firstly, thank you all for the support you've given to us over the weeks, months and years. UKIP's online and digital offerings are getting stronger and stronger by the day, and you probably wouldn't believe us if we told you there are just three of us working on it all. As we approach the election, we need to double down on all our successes online, and we're asking you to help us lead the char .....continue reading

UKIP Is In Touch With Ordinary British People

03 May 2015   The Sunday Express has a big leader column today urging its readers to vote UKIP, a fantastic endorsement for both Nigel Farage and UKIP. In their leader column they spell out why they believe you should vote UKIP and how a vote for UKIP vote will serve your interest and those of this great country. We couldn't have made it to this point without your support, and in these last few days befo .....continue reading

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