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UKIP Kent County Council Team Advises For Business Rate Relief For Our Kent Libraries

19 May 2015   Libraries ConsultationKent County CouncilSessions HouseMaidstone 07 April 2015 Dear Sir, The Kent UKIP Group support, retaining library services in-house to retain the skills base and staff experience. Whilst accepting the service has to modernise to attract customers, we feel KCC should petition the government for meaningful business rate relief on its library buildings. A new business rate .....continue reading

Irish Business And Employers Confederation Boss Warns Of Irexit From EU After Brexit

19 May 2015   Danny McCoy, who has led the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) since 2009, told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview that Ireland’s departure from the EU could not be ruled out in a “Brexit” situation. “If Britain should decide on an exit, there will definitely be a debate in Ireland on whether we should not do the same,&rdquo .....continue reading

Quit The EU For The Good Of Business, Say The Chiefs Of Leading UK Manufacturer

18 May 2015   Britain should QUIT the EU for the good of business, say the chiefs of leading UK manufacturer JCB,  one of the country's most successful manufacturers. The Chairman of JCB, Lord Bamford has said the UK should not fear an exit from the European Union. He told the BBC he was in favour of Britain opting out of the EU – a move that could in fact give the UK a stronger bargaining power. .....continue reading

Folkestone Town Council, Mayor Ceremony - Friday, 15 May 2015

16 May 2015   On Friday, 15 May 2015, your newly elected UKIP Shepway District councillors, Cllr Mary Lawes (Folkestone Harbour), Cllr Carol Sacre and Cllr Frank McKenna ( both of Folkestone East) accompanied by local resident, Lesley Hunt were all invited to attend the Folkestone Town Council, making of a Mayor. The outgoing Mayor Alan North & his Deputy-Mayor Emily Arnold stood down after completing th .....continue reading

Tonight (14th May) - Nigel Farage On Bbc Question Time

14 May 2015   Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader will join a panel tonight 14th May 2015 at 22:45 hrs on BBC Question Time. The BBC program "Question Time", hosted by David Dimbleby and will include a panel consisting of Queen guitarist, astrophysicist and 'Common Decency' campaigner Brian May, Tory Health secretary Jeremy Hunt, Labour Education spokesman Tristram Hunt, Editor-in-Chief for The Econom .....continue reading

A Referendum Stitch-Up? Introduction From Nigel Farage

14 May 2015   Dear Reader, I have produced this booklet to try to ensure that the British people and Northern Irish people do not - yet again - have the wool pulled over their eyes by the British establishment. All the evidence - including regular opinion polls - suggests that over half of us want to leave the European Union. Even more of us want a referendum to give us the chance to have our say.But the Bri .....continue reading

A Referendum Stitch-Up? How The EU And British Elites Are Plotting To Fix The Result

14 May 2015   In this damning assessment of the machinations and falsehoods that have accompanied Britian’s membership of the European Union, Nigel Farage, Co-President of Europe of Freedom and Democracy, and leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, examines the role of the EU and British establishment in pulling the wool over the eyes of the British electorate. His particular focus is on the cou .....continue reading

A Referendum Stitch-Up? - Won’t Get Fooled Again?

14 May 2015   Famously, the question “have you stopped beating your wife?” is impossible to answer without admitting that you do or at least did beat her. In short it is loaded and deliberately designed both to mislead and to put the person to whom it is posed in an impossible position. That is exactly the stunt which I suspect the British establishment, endorsed and funded by the EU elite, is goin .....continue reading

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