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The Cbi: Wrong Then, Wrong Now On Britain’s EU Membership

26 May 2015   Alan Murad, a Research Executive at Get Britain Out Campaign group, on writes; "Now an In/Out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is guaranteed by the newly re-elected Prime Minister, David Cameron, it is open season for the Confederation of Business and Industry (CBI) to attempt to scaremonger the public into voting to stay in." "CBI President Sir Mic .....continue reading

France And Germany Agree Closer Eurozone Ties Without EU Treaty Change

26 May 2015   Proposals to be presented at EU summit in June will come as a blow to David Cameron who will table British pre-referendum demands at same meeting. Germany and France have forged a pact to integrate the eurozone without reopening the EU’s treaties, in a blow to David Cameron’s referendum campaign. Sidestepping Britain’s demands to renegotiate the Lisbon treaty and Britain’ .....continue reading

UKIP Welcome The Plans For The EU Referendum Franchise Which Seems Both Sensible And Reasonable.

25 May 2015   While David Cameron is hosting Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission at Chequers today, the date of the referendum is likely topic of discussion. Reported by City AM, Juncker is said to be keen for a vote to happen as early as 2016. Additionally, plans announced by Downing Street Note1 the electorate eligible to take part in the EU referendum will be based on the gene .....continue reading

Get Britain Out - A Referendum In Sight

22 May 2015   As the dust settles from the most electrifying election in recent history, we are now on the final stretch towards an In/Our referendum, possibly as early as May next year. This election ended with a firm Conservative majority, 99 seats ahead of Labour, and UKIP winning the third largest share of the vote. By denying Labour many seats in its northern heartlands, UKIP confirmed Euroscepticism is a .....continue reading

These Bills Are Likely To Form The Future Legislative Agenda For The Queen’s Speech

22 May 2015   FORTHCOMING LEGISLATION FOR THE 2015/16 PARLIAMENTARY SESSION The Queen’s Speech will be given on Wednesday, 27 May. The following Bills are likely to form the future legislative agenda.   The Bills of most relevance to Local Government are: Cities Devolution Bill The Bill will legislate for a Directly Elected Mayor for Greater Manchester to be elected in 2017, and pave the wa .....continue reading

We Can’t Control Our Borders While Remaining In The Eu

22 May 2015   The Prime Minister’s suggestions on how to tackle migration are predictable and a sham, writes Nigel Farage. David Cameron had a couple of important things to do when he delivered his recent speech on immigration. Both of them played out against the backdrop of the Office for National Statistics’ release which made it clear that his attempts to keep immigration under control had not m .....continue reading

Tories Run Up The White Flag Over Europe

20 May 2015   The Foreign Secretary has thrown away any chance of reform in Europe by announcing that he will campaign to stay in Europe before he has started to lead Cameron’s much vaunted ‘renegotiations’. Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said, “If the UK wishes to succeed in its negotiations with the EU it needs to walk into the discussions waving the big stick of withdrawal. Philip Ham .....continue reading

Leaving EU Could Be Massive Boost For British Jobs, Says Former Cbi Boss Lord Digby Jones

20 May 2015   ONE of Britain’s most celebrated businessmen today called for an early referendum on the country’s membership of the EU, saying an exit could boost competiveness in global markets. Digby Jones, a former trade minister under Gordon Brown, and now Lord Jones of Birmingham, said the UK was being dictated to by an “unelected ruling elite” who were “destroying” Brit .....continue reading

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