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Renewables Drain Our Resources

17 July 2015   Environmental advantages of renewable energy are a myth – Fusion Energy is the way forward says Anthony Trewavas Renewables use sun, water, wind; energy sources that won’t run out. Non-renewables come from things like gas, coal and uranium that one day will. But unless electricity and motorised transport are abandoned altogether, all “renewables” need huge areas of land or .....continue reading

Key Points On Budget - 08 July 2015

08 July 2015    Local Government: Public sector pay increase set at 1% for next four years Greater Manchester to be granted powers over fire service, children’s services, employment and establishment of a land commission; working towards deals with Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds Planning reforms – Productivity Plan to be published on Friday South East: Upgrading of domestic rail service .....continue reading

Was Britain Taken Into The EU Illegally?

08 July 2015   Many constitutional experts believe that Britain isn't actually a member of the European Union since our apparent entry was in violation of British law and was, therefore invalid. In enacting the European Communities Bill through an ordinary vote in the House of Commons, Ted Heath's Government breached the constitutional convention which requires a prior consultation of the people (either by a ge .....continue reading

How The EU Parliament Works - And It’s Not Like Westminster

08 July 2015   To begin with, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are not elected as in Britain, on a ‘first past the post’ system but by a ‘party-list’ type of proportional representation. There is currently a total of 766 seats in the EU Parliament and these are allocated to each member state on the basis of population, Germany having the largest number and Maltathe fewest; a .....continue reading

Change, Or Go: How Britain Would Gain Influence And Prosper Outside An Unreformed Eu

22 June 2015   On the 21 June 2015 a major new publication was launched by Business for Britain. Business for Britain has launched a major new business publication entitled "Change, or Go: How Britain would gain influence and prosper outside an unreformed EU". The publication will be serialised throughout the week, with sections released on the website as they are published in the Daily Telegraph. The compreh .....continue reading

Britain Needs To Get A Better Deal From Brussels Or Leave The European Union, Major New Study Argues

22 June 2015   As reported in The Telegraph on Mon 22 Jun 2015: The UK should leave the EU if it cannot get the major changes and reforms it needs, business leaders and economists say Photo: Alamy David Cameron should lead Britain out of the EU if he is unable to secure a veto for the UK over European laws, win back control over employment rules and permanently protect the City from Eurozone regulations, .....continue reading

Men Should Do Half Of All The Housework, Says European Parliament

22 June 2015   The Huffington Post reports that the European Union is being asked to make sure men do at least half of the household chores as part of a “strategy for equality”. A committee of the European Parliament in Strasbourg wants the EU to launch a campaign to highlight the “equal division of domestic work”. The Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality claims the &ld .....continue reading

UK Merely Collects The Customs Duties On Behalf Of The EU And Hands Them Over To “brussels”, Less A “handling Fee”

22 June 2015   Global Britain has produced a report on the European Union’s customs regime, arguing that the duties imposed are effectively a tax on British consumers. The report notes that: As part of the EU Customs Union (which also includes a non-EU member, Turkey), the UK does not “own” the customs duties (also known as “tariffs”) it charges on imports of goods into .....continue reading

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