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Merkel Expects Cameron To Back EU Army In Exchange For Renegotiation

15 September 2015   Angela Merkel will expect David Cameron to drop his opposition to an EU army in exchange for supporting Britain’s renegotiation, the Telegraph has been told. The German chancellor will ask Britain to stand aside as she promotes an ambitious blueprint to integrate continental Europe’s armed forces. It comes as Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said Britain .....continue reading

Paul Kenny Leader Of The Gmb Union Says He Could Imagine Imagine Campaigning For Leaving The Eu

15 September 2015


Paul Kenny says "Yeah I could" -  imagine campaigning for leaving the EU.

Tim Tozer, Chairman And Md Of Vauxhall: Britain Leaving The EU Is Not A Cause For Concern.

15 September 2015


Watch Live : Nigel Farage

07 September 2015   UKIP Leader Nigel Farage will be kicking off his tour in Margate this evening alongside Diane James MEP, all of which will be live streamed at 7:30pm 07 September 2015, why not click below to view the stream.         .....continue reading

European Commission Lobbying UK And US

24 August 2015   Millions of pounds are being channelled into Westminster and Washington DC by the European Commission as part of attempts to promote its “vision” in Britain and the US, the Telegraph can disclose. Official documents show how Brussels is funding think tanks and trade unions to hold high-level seminars, publish reports and place opinion pieces in newspapers in order to promote a “ .....continue reading

EU Commission Has Recruited Lord Mandelson, The Former Labour Minister, As An Adviser On Keeping The EU Together.

24 August 2015   The Daily Telegragh reports that Peter Mandelson has secretly been advising the European Commission on how to stop Britain leaving the EU, documents obtained by the Telegraph have disclosed. The Commission took up an offer by the former Labour minister to provide communications advice in the run-up to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the union. Letters seen by this newspaper show .....continue reading

UKIP Migration Spokesman’s 5 Point Plan For Dealing With The Crisis At Calais

30 July 2015    The situation in Calais is becoming graver by the day. With 1,500 Migrants charging the Eurotunnel last night, the escalation of the problem is now visible for all to see. Steven Woolfe as UKIP’s Migration spokesman and the first politician to visit to Calais Migrant camps in December 2014 and June 2015 and warned of the vast numbers arriving in the camps each day and of the problems we no .....continue reading

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Speaking From The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster About How ‘no’ Can Win The Referendum

30 July 2015    Nigel Garage speaking from The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. 30/07/2015 David Cameron's EU renegotiations are nothing more than a PR exercise, blasts Nigel Farage David Cameron had said time and again he didn’t want there to be an In/Out EU referendum. His belief, as he reiterated on a number of occasions, was that the UK should be inside the European Union and that was that. No debate. .....continue reading

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