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EU Commission Has Recruited Lord Mandelson, The Former Labour Minister, As An Adviser On Keeping The EU Together.

24 August 2015   The Daily Telegragh reports that Peter Mandelson has secretly been advising the European Commission on how to stop Britain leaving the EU, documents obtained by the Telegraph have disclosed. The Commission took up an offer by the former Labour minister to provide communications advice in the run-up to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the union. Letters seen by this newspaper show .....continue reading

UKIP Migration Spokesman’s 5 Point Plan For Dealing With The Crisis At Calais

30 July 2015    The situation in Calais is becoming graver by the day. With 1,500 Migrants charging the Eurotunnel last night, the escalation of the problem is now visible for all to see. Steven Woolfe as UKIP’s Migration spokesman and the first politician to visit to Calais Migrant camps in December 2014 and June 2015 and warned of the vast numbers arriving in the camps each day and of the problems we no .....continue reading

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Speaking From The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster About How ‘no’ Can Win The Referendum

30 July 2015    Nigel Garage speaking from The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. 30/07/2015 David Cameron's EU renegotiations are nothing more than a PR exercise, blasts Nigel Farage David Cameron had said time and again he didn’t want there to be an In/Out EU referendum. His belief, as he reiterated on a number of occasions, was that the UK should be inside the European Union and that was that. No debate. .....continue reading

Onwards And Outwards: EU Villains In Greek Tragedy

24 July 2015   In the last month, the EU’s harrowing treatment of Greece has reached fever pitch. Let’s not forget we nearly joined the Euro, securing an opt-out in the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, so we are lucky to be averting the disaster which has befallen Greece. Had we joined the Euro then, our economy would have buckled beneath the weight of the 2008 Recession, because we would be trapped inside .....continue reading

EU Shame: Just Nine Meps Bother To Turn Up For Crucial Debate To Protect British Business

17 July 2015   A chamber built to host the passionate debates of 500 politicians shamed the European Union today as just NINE MEPs bothered to turn up to a crucial debate affecting all businesses in Britain. The hall, designed as a stage for political argument and skilful decision making, was so empty it looked more like a page from the Where’s Wally? children's books. And the barren scene will surely ha .....continue reading

EU Scandal: Britain Gets Just 49p For Every £1 Paid To Brussels… And Could Reduce Further

17 July 2015   Britain receives just 49p of every £1 paid to the European Union, a damning new report has revealed. The current terms of the UK’s membership of the EU are “unacceptable” according to a Business for Britain 1,032 page report . It claims Britain’s influence in the EU is declining and said the UK must leave the union unless fundamental reforms were secured. The .....continue reading

End To Meddling European Judges?

17 July 2015   British courts could soon be free to rule on human rights cases without interference from judges in Strasbourg, the Government has hinted. Justice Secretary Michael Gove revealed he was willing to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) after declaring he could not give a "100 per cent guarantee" that the UK would remain signed up to the treaty. His insistence that Britain could thr .....continue reading

Hypocrisy Of The First Order: Outrage As Europe Fines UK £642m For Poor Accounting

17 July 2015   Anger flared on Monday 13 July 2015 after the European Commission brazenly fined Britain £642 million for poor accounting. The draconian financial punishment was imposed because Brussels bean counters claimed the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs had failed to properly administer EU farm payments. The huge fine was last night branded “hypocrisy of the first order&rdq .....continue reading

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