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Cllr Mary Lawes Responds To Con Cllr Susan Carey Calls For M20 Lorry Park (operation Stack) Plans To Be Reviewed Or Dropped

08 June 2017


A High Court hearing has now been put back until October to hear the case and all work on the scheme on a 700-acre site near the village of Stanford, is suspended.

Cllr Carey said that if the new government elected in June was being given the opportunity to reconsider the justification for the park - which would hold up to 3,600 HGVs - then so should KCC.

“If the national government is to be given time to reconsider the scheme, maybe we should be given the time to reconsider the project, given that it is two years since Operation Stack has been implemented,” she said.

But the suggestion was given short shrift by the Conservative cabinet for transport Cllr Matthew Balfour who said it was important the project moved ahead “at pace.”

Answering a question tabled by Cllr Carey, he said: “I think we should push on at pace and that KCC should continue to support the proposal.”

“It’s fair to say there were a number of years previously when there were similar calm times.

"We’re going into a period of some doubt as to our relationship with the continent and I have no guarantees that we’re not going to have problems with HGVs backing up across our roads again, so I think we should push on at pace and that we should continue with this proposal.”

After the meeting, Cllr Carey said: “We should take advantage of having a re-think because it has been two years since we had Operation Stack." "It is a great deal of money to spend on the lorry holding area. My residents in Stanford are very much affected by this. "They have blight already and cannot sell their homes and nothing is happening."

“It is a very cruel situation that people find  themselves in. "If we are going to make an intelligent response to the problems that happen when freight services are disrupted, A lorry Park costing £250m  was not in my view  a good response.”

Cllr Mary Lawes Response (as printed in the KM Folkestone & Hythe Express 06/07/2017)

Cllr Carey has been pro this 'Lorry Park' from the very beginning, so it is quite amazing for her to come out with the statement she has. She has called to reconsider the plans for a £250 million lorry park and to possibly drop the plans. She went on to question the need for the lorry park as operation Stack has not been needed for 2 years.

This is good news if really genuine. I would ask Cllr Carey to put the money where her mouth is and get the lorry park stopped and to use £250 million to help improve the GP services in Folkestone where it is needed. Or is this the usually Cllr Carey's political posturing and empty gestures.

Cllr Mary Lawes  (UKIP)


Article Source Published: 18:40, 25 May 2017