Shepway Councillors:

Frank McKenna - Councillor for East Folkestone

Frank is the Kent County Councillor for Folkestone North East and has tackled a variety of problems on behalf of residents.

He continues to support local environmental improvements including a new ‘Town Sprucer’.



Carol Sacre - Councillor for East Folkestone

Born in Seabrook, Carol believes that the UKIP team will build a better future for Shepway. 

A pioneer of the Community Service by Offenders scheme, she is also a believer in aftercare support and the choice of alternative therapies within the NHS.




Damon Robinson - Councillor for Cheriton

A true Folkestonian, he believes in the aspirations of the local people and is concerned that these voices are ignored.

Damon is concerned that the issues like Horn Street Bridge and the state of our roads will remain unresolved, unless a democratic council with a vision for all of Folkestone is elected.

It's his mission to ensure that the existing residents concerns are included in any future council decisions. Matters of social need, employment, and youth activities and services are continuiosly improved for local needs.

Susie Govett - Councillor for New Romney

Susie is committed to restoring NHS services back to New Romney, and to improving public transport links on the Marsh.

Susie believes that we need to change the closed door Cabinet decision-making under which Shepway currently runs.

A UKIP council could change Shepway to a fairer, committee style of decision making, ensuring that one party does not dominate decisions.UKIP would ensure that regeneration funding is not confined to Folkestone.

Susie is passionate about listening and communicating with local people and de-mystifying politics. She already works hard to bring local issues to the attention of the council and other organisations, often highlighting issues that local media have missed or under-reported.

Mary Lawes - Councillor for Folkestone Harbour

Mary has lived in Folkestone for 11 years and is passionate about her ward and aims to work tirelessly to improve facilities for families without harming the environment.

Actively seeking to work with partners to find areas to provide quality play-grounds and sports facilities as currently none exist within the ward.

Mary believes the Harbour Ward has lacked any form of investment for many years, which needs to be rectified.

Ian Meyers - Councillor for Romney Marsh

Ian has lived in Dymchurch for over 30 years raising children and grandchildren. Currently a Parish Councillor, Ian has been a District Councillor and served in the local Fire Service.

Ian wants to see better provision of fast broadband for the rural areas to stimulate small businesses and keep isolated areas in touch.

With government money available, the Marsh should get its fair share, as funding has been traditionally seen as 'Folkestone centered'.